The slippery surfaces belonging to our two most popular modules have undergone a complete renovation!
Shock pad module:
The singularly huge territory and the specially slippery surface lasting 90 meters in length offers a great deal of oportunities to practice everyday emergency situations. On the module we practice regaining control over a vehicle suddenly slipping and swerving, stabilization of the vehicle, and different braking and evasion manouvers, in a way that these techniques become routine.
Mutifunctional module:

This module, due to its outstanding size, offers a multi-faceted combination of use: in the foreground are the different braking techniques (eg.: emergency brake, even in cases of the vehicle standing on surfaces with different gripping intensity on either side, or even target braking), controlling the vehicle (eg.: helming technique, slalom, avoiding or even the right way of observation), or the combination of these. Another speciality to this track is the aquaplanning pool, where the right handling of driving on water can be practiced in uttermost safety.