What should we know about you?

I have been working on the drivingcamp team since 2016. In 2013, after buying our first car of our own, my husband and I attended a driving technique training here for the first time. Our trainer was very professional, we learned a lot and I really liked the venue - I memorized this special place for myself then, and when I had the opportunity a few years later, I was happy to join the team as a receptionist. After the birth of our little son, my job was expanded with new tasks, I am currently working as a reception manager and a project manager.


What does your average day at the drivingcamp look like?

Every workday is a little different, but constant tasks provide the framework for the day. In the morning I start by checking the registration process of the same day's trainings, then I deal with customer relations tasks. As a reception manager, I provide among other things a full service to our individual clients and as a project manager, I take part in liaison tasks with our key partners. My important duty is also to help the flow of information between the different departments of drivingcamp - which in practice involves a lot of rush from one place to another. Of course, I also have a lot of administrative tasks during the day but creativity also plays a role when it comes to optimizing a company process. Overall, I don't get bored.


What is your vision, what drives you at drivingcamp?

Our coprorate social responsibility and activity is very important, while providing an interesting, modern service, which makes the drivingcamp special for me.


What do you value the most about your work?

The super team, the cool venue, the outstanding expertise of the trainers and the fact that I can learn a lot from my colleagues.


What is your hobby?

I like to spend my free time with my family. I’m keen on cooking and gastronomy, I can completely turn off my brain during a good dinner or weekend lunch preparation. I really enjoy sports, yoga, hiking and reading.


What was the funniest moment you would mention during your work?

I would mention rather a special than a funny memory, when I spent my first days I had the chance to drive a brand new Tesla or when I tried for the first time the off-road track.


If you could meet a famous person, who would it be?

With György Dragomán, or if a famous actor - Bradley Cooper.


What would be your message to the drivers on the road?

Practice makes you a pro, and we provide you the opportunity to practise everyday.