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c 28 November 2018


The italian operatic pop trio will give their first  concert in Budapest, Hungary at the Papp László Sportaréna  on 10th of December, but before that they had time for a quick visit at Drivingcamp. Garami Gábor welcomed the italian virtousers coming from Zagreb for an interview in his car Tv-show called PotyaUtas where the venue was Drivingcamp this time. He drove the guys around, talked, sang and later they were able to try themeselves driving  high-end Mercedes on the various modules. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, the three star singers enjoyed the test driving so much so they are planning to come back before the concert  for a stress reliever exercise on the shock-pad.

The members of Il Volo have proved that the Italians are as temperamental and loud behind the wheel as in other areas of life.

The prize winning of the Drivingcamp now brings virtuosos and fans close to each other.On November 10th, 25th and December 8th, on our 4-hour winter training sessions 3 lucky participants can win a pair of IL VOLO - Notte Magica tickets for the concert on the 10th of December.

At Drivingcamp’s history for the first time we have provided the venue for the music trio’s visit  together with a press conference and a test driving.Drivingcamp’s doors are also open for unique, complex events complemented with driving technique trainings sessions.