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c 1 August 2018

Summer promotion @drivingcamp

Are you going to drive a lot in the summer too? Beach, Lake Balaton and exciting excursion destinations await you all over the country or beyond the border?

You might want to warm up a bit. There are a lot of danger on the roads and on the highway. In fact, we are experienced and vigilant drivers, if those who are facing or opposing us, are tired, can easily get in trouble.

The drivingcamp team wants to contribute to getting you to the destination safely. Therefore, between June 8 and August 31, you can purchase a 6 hour training for the 4-hour price and 8-hour training for 6 hours.

You can validate your discounts when purchasing your training. For the 6 hour training, the DCHGET6FOR425 code, while after the 8 hour training the DCHGET8FOR625 code is entered, the system automatically deducts the discount.

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* Discounts are valid for vouchers and trainings.