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c 25 Juli 2019

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5 + 1 perfect tips for using your car in the summer

What you should pay attention to in the heat

This year’s summer can be one of the hottest ones ever, so we’ve compiled 5+1 perfect tips for you on what you should pay attention to when you drive. Let’s see the list!

Don’t ignore using summer tires!

Summer tires are not a waste of money nor a marketing trick. Different tires have different composition and patterns. This is not a coincidence, so do not neglect to change the tires according to the season.

Make sure to hydrate!

During the summer heat, you sweat more, which can be quite dangerous if you don’t hydrate properly. Your body’s nutritional balance may get disrupted, or you could even pass out, but it’s certain that your reaction time slows down. None of these are helpful for our driving skills. Always make sure that you have at least one small bottle of water. If you’d like to protect the environment at the same time, get a flask!

Don’t leave anything and anyone in the car!

If the car’s chassis heats up, the inside of the car may become a bit too hot. Even if you only run into the store or somewhere else for a few minutes, don’t leave anybody and anything in the car. Children and dogs can’t stand the heat that much anyways and food goes bad quickly in this intense heat.

Don’t drive in slippers!

As inviting it may be to get behind the wheel in flip-flops or open sandals, don’t do it. When it’s warm, we sweat through our soles as well, which further increases the chance for our feet to slip sinisterly on the pedals while driving. We can’t even feel the pedals right, moreover, these types of footwear may even get stuck which is truly dangerous. When you drive, always use shoes!

Don’t overdo the A/C!

It really feels great to escape from the heat into the cooled car, but from your health’s perspective, it’s not practical to continuously use the A/C. On one hand, there are people who are sensitive to it and can easily catch a cold or even get a pink eye. The other important thing is to clean the A/C unit: it’s recommended to disinfect the A/C every year to protect ourselves from bacteria.

Watch out for yourself and for others!

You may get distracted more easily in the heat, it’s harder to concentrate and to focus. Additionally, your reaction time may increase if you’re a bit worn out because of the temperature. This is why you should always freshen up before driving, and if you’re going on a longer trip, make sure to take a break at least every hour.