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c 3 Dezember 2018

Give yourself the feeling of secure for Christmas!

Give yourself the feeling of secure for Christmas!
Are you bored of template Christmas gifts? Do you want to pop up with some really unique thing and real experience this year? Do you also want a useful gift? Surprise your beloved ones with the feeling of secure! Our driving vouchers  can be use throughout the year 2019. Give the safe driving experience to the whole family!
A driving technique training does not really belong to the boring surprises category, and you can hit two flies at one stroke. It's a super gift and it's still useful. Sit back, pick a voucher and share the love during the holidays!
For men, for example, a thrilling but exciting 6-hour training is a special surprise. For women  drivingcamp Hungary and Abacus Hotel created the Drive & Spa package, with driving, wellness and lunch experience.
Of course, we also think of the motorcycle lovers! When the "beauties" finally come out in the spring, and ready to ride, it is worth them - and their driver - to run a base or an advanced training under safe conditions with professional trainers.
Without driving license it is difficult to drive, but not with us! If the kid is interested in driving, then Mercedes-Benz Under 17 is the perfect choice. The best trainers, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class training car, individual skill development and exciting training courses.