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For client events and team buildings, our clubhouse offers a unique setting with a stunning panoramic view of the entire venue. Modern equipped training and meeting rooms sum up this offer, complemented by our bistro MOTO with "Open Space", which will spoil you with culinary delights. We also offer professional drivers possibilities of further education and training of challenging situations. Therefore our trainers have been trained to the highest DVR standard.
24 Training Typen
7 Modules
22ha Event area
12 Professional Trainer

  • Personalkraftwagen Trainings

    • Kompakt Training

      Training für Alltagsfahrer und Fahrer, die noch nicht an einem Fahrsicherheitstraining teilgenommen haben, damit sie immer die Kontrolle über ihre Fahrzeuge behalten.

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    • Standard Training

      Training für erfahrenere Autofahrer, damit sie die Kontrolle über ihre Fahrzeuge in Alltagssituationen und auf Bergstrecken behalten.

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    • Intensiv Training

      Training für erfahrene Fahrer, damit sie noch mehr Erfahrung sammeln, um auch in Extremsituationen zu bestehen.

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    • Profi Training

      Training für Liebhaber des Autofahrens, die die Herausforderungen der Fahrtechnik genießen und denen der Umgang mit extremen Situationen einen Kick verleiht.

      Voraussetzung: gültiger Führerschein der Kategorie "B" und ein erfolgreich bestandenes Standard- oder Intensiv Training.

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    • Begleitperson

      Wir bieten unseren Kunden die Möglichkeit, Freunde und Verwandte als passiver Beifahrer am Training teilzunehmen.


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    • Voucher expiry - prolongation

      Expired gift voucher prolongation possibility - for one time occassion.


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    • Car rental fee

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    Personalkraftwagen Trainings
  • Spezial PROGRAMME


      Our latest program: 2-hours personalized driving technique training available only to new RANGE ROVER and new RANGE ROVER SPORT owners, which can be used after redeeming voucher.
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    • FRESH LICENCE Training

      Just got the your brand new licence? This training is for you! Be more prepared in all situations behind the wheel! Get to know your car on a closed track in safe conditions!

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    • Fahranfänger Training

      Bei einem Führerschein nicht älter als 12 Monate.

      Training für Fahranfänger, wie man in echten Notsituationen reagieren muss.

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    • Black Ice training

      Get your Black Ice training and become a pro-driver in winter, even on the ice!

      Voucher can be used until the 15th of March 2021.

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    • Drive & Spa

      Surprise your beloved ones with the special driving and wellness package of drivingcamp Hungary and Hotel Abacus****!

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    • Winter Prep Training

      Special winter preparatory training for those, who would like to practice under winter road conditions, and would like to expand their driving skills in order to drive their vehicles more safely.

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    Spezial PROGRAMME
  • After Work Trainings

    • After Work Training


      Extra intensive training for the enthusiasts of driving, 2 hours personalised track program, the experience is guaranteed!

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    • After work - A training for two!

      Life is better in pairs, so is driving!

      Our after work driving traing is worth now: book now for 2 with your beloved one or best friend or favourite collegue for a common training!


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    • After Work - Off road Training

      A real adventure training only for you off the roads!

      Our professional trainer guide you individually for 2 hours!

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    After Work Trainings
  • Mercedes-Benz Trainings

    • Under 17

      Your first driving experience!

      This 60 minutes involve the young ones to get the taste of the first driving experience with an automatic Mercedes-Benz A-Class training car with a side pedal.

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    • Mercedes-Benz Training

      Our professional trainers introduce the active and passive safety systems for the brand new Mercedes-Benz vehicles in a unique way.


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    • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Training

      Our professional trainers introduce the active and passive safety systems for the brand new Mercedes-Benz vehicles in a unique way.


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    Mercedes-Benz Trainings
  • Off road Trainings

    • Eco Drive Training

      Training für sparsame und umweltbewusste Fahrer, die durch sachgemäßen Umgang mit ihrem Auto den Kraftstoffverbrauch und den Schadstoffausstoß ihres Wagens senken möchten.

      Wir empfehlen Ihnen dieses Training:

      - wenn Sie Ihre Umwelt nicht belasten möchten;

      - wenn Sie ruhiger, ausgeglichener fahren möchten. 

      Im Interesse eines effizienten und sicheren Lernens erfolgt die Durchführung der Aufgaben mit dem eigenen Fahrzeug und Sie haben ständigen Funkkontakt zu Ihrem Trainer.

      Voraussetzung: gültiger Führerschein der Kategorie "B", gültige Autobahnvignette

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    • LKW/Omnibus Standard-Training

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    • LKW/Omnibus Intensiv-Training

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    Off road Trainings
  • Motorrad Trainings

    • Standard Motorrad Training

      Training for bikers to get prepared for all kinds of traffic situations and  handle their vehicle more safely.

      We recommend this training for you if your are already self-confident but you would like to learn how to handle emergency situations occurring during city rides or outings.

      We start on a law speed to practice basic technics, then focus on realizing emergency situations and the technic of avoiding. After that we practice the recognition of emergencies and the best techniques of avoidance even the ideal turning lane. We start the rush practices on a law speed, than continue on module M5 with normal speed (50-120 km/h).

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    Motorrad Trainings
  • Anlage Miete

    Anlage Miete
  • Gokart

    • Gokart voucher - 3 session + GoPro rec. for 1 pax

      YOU, GOKART and GOPRO -  we present our latest and coolest go-kart package!

      On the professional track of drivingcamp, you can not only use  top-of-the-line go-karts, but we also provide to a GoPro capture, then you can  share your performance with others!

      The perfect offer for those who would like to give a special go-kart experience to their loved ones or to themselves!

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    • Gokart gift voucher - with 5 races for 1 person

      For Gokart lovers! 

      Our unique package offer gives real experience to your loved ones or even to yourself! :)


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    • Gokart gift voucher - with 10 races for 2 people

      Gokart gift voucher - with 10 races for 2 people. 

      Our unique package offers you real experience with your beloved one. 


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    • Gokart race package for 8 pax

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    • Kartingcamp summer camp

      Gokart Camp on dcKarting track!


      If you are over 12 years old and are interested in the world of karting, come and learn more

      with Adrián Janecskó, the multiple karting champion, about the right braking and cornering techniques, ideal curves, the correct weight transferring, managing under- and oversteering and much more in a week-long, intense summer camp.

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    • Sodi SWS Race

      Drivingcamp will be involved in organizing the Sodi World Series tournaments, from where you can qualify for next year’s Sodi World Finals.


      Register for the competitions and if you get the most points among the Hungarian competitors, represent Hungary in the final! By registering, your results will be uploaded to the Sodi system, where you can keep track ofwhere you stand in national and international rankings.

      Whatever number of competitions you can take part in, the top 10 in the Senior category and
      the best 8 in the Junior category will count towards qualifying for the World Final.

      The Junior category is for 7-14 year olds, the Senior category is for riders over 15 years old.

      There will be weighting!


      Information about the competitions: the organization will always be included in the announcement of the given competition. We will organize several competitions per race day, including the Sodi points race.


      There will be free practice before the competitions, for which you have to pay separately.

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    • Gokart voucher extension

      Expired GOKART vocuher extension for futher 1 season.

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  • Adult education

    • 4 hours driving technique training

      The purpose of this training is to develop driving technique skills of car drivers.

      During the theoretical lessons, participants can learn about the effects of vehicle dynamics and the basics of the mechanical functions of the vehicle. During the practical training, the adaptive systems of the vehicle in use can be experienced through a series of exercises based on and running in parallel with the theoretical training. Participants will learn the basic driving techniques and solution schemes that are essential for dealing with emergency situations.

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    • 6 hours driving technique training

      The aim of the training is to assess and develop the driving skills of the participants.

      By consciously applying the driving techniques learned and practised in the theoretical and practical modules of the training, the participants will have the opportunity to recognise and prevent accident-prone situations in time and to deal with emergencies effectively.

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    • 8 hours driving technique training

      The aim of the training is to develop driving skills of the participants, and at the same time, to give a general knowledge of vehicle physics and technology.

      During the practical lessons, the participants can experience the adaptive systems of the vehicle in use through the exercises based on theoretical modules.

      They also learn the importance of the adjustment of correct seating position and steering wheel handling.

      The basic driving techniques that are essential for dealing with emergency situations can also be acquired.

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    Adult education
Test your skills at drivingcamp during an after work training!
2 hours tailor-made program is waiting for you! One trainer - one participant, exciting and unforgattable experience!
After work training

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