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c 4 декабря 2017



László Csörgő, our leading trainer’s useful tips for the changing winter environment. With these tips, there should be no problem in the car set-up for this weather!

1) Winter tyres

We should only leave home with winter tyres, I would not recommend a 4 season solution either. Do not forget to check the age of the tyres, 4-5 years old tyre should be changed immediately! The profile depth and age is really important and we should not forget to have ice chains in Your trunk. 

2) Liquids in the vehicle

We should fill our vehicle with antifreeze liquids, which means cooling and washer liquids in particular!

3) Gasoline

Do not forget to check out the gasoline in You vehicle, mostly before a long trip, but also in extreme weather conditions as well. We may get into trouble so a full tank is a necessity! 

4) Leave on time

Make sure to leave on time before trips, and be well prepared on the road conditions, traffic situations and weather conditions!

5) Proper clothing

Never drive with Your coats on, it blocks the safe steering management!

6) Ice scraper, de-icer

We should only leave with a clean, snow-less vehicle and we should always keep an ice scraper, de-icer with us! We should always clean the whole windscreen and never forget the roof either! With an emergency breaking situation the snow which stayed on the roof could fall on the windscreen and it can block the clear view! Visibility is also really important so never forget to clean the lights as well!

+1 Prepared driver

Plan our route carefully during the winter, get informed in time about the weather circumtances, road conditions, and use daily the online navigation apps ! It is also important to be mentally prepared so you can easily concentrate on driving, close the problems and conflicts out of the car. Let's dress up with our passengers, do not have to adjust the heating during the journey, create a pleasant climate and mood for a smooth ride!